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Hi guys my name is Yin, I'm from Maryland.
I recently found this form a couple months ago but I really haven't been as active. I was hoping I can learn a lot from you guys, and get to know some people in the car community.

For a long time I've always wanted my own sports car, and I've always wanted something fun to drive. So when the GR86 got announced I was ecstatic.

Having always been interested an watching a lot of content creators on YouTube. I have an interest of doing the same thing once I obtain one of my own.
I lost my previous car and Nissan Altima back in 2020 to a hit-and-run incident, I also lost my job back in 2020 due to covid.

My coworker tells me that I shouldn't be spending my money on a potential $30,000 car and to live my best life, while this is sound advice and probably a smart thing to do.

I simply can't sit by the fact that limiting yourself is a way to live. Sports cars of any kind bring me a type of joy that I can't really explain. What do you guys think about this story?

(I usually stream on twitch, and I do a bunch of artwork

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Welcome aboard Yin!

These sports cars are very special, they are very engaging and rewarding to drive. They not only look good of course (being a 2+2 coup), but the feeling of owning and operating them from just regular drive days to going around a racetrack is special.
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