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Who in Australia has ordered the 2022 BRZ

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I ordered mine as a manual in Magnetite Grey, with the dealer yesterday after sorting out the trade in.
I went for the Coupe as the "S" level only adds heated front seats and leather seats which to me was a waste of money.
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I have ordered a MY23 BRZ 10th Anniversary auto (in WR blue), due late Jan/early Feb.
I have found Subaru much, much better to deal with than Toyota - chalk & cheese............
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Its almost like one brand knows what they are doing and are interested in doing business and the other more interested in promoting status and branding all over the internet and tv while only selling to those who are willing to buy the fake hype.
One brand appears to genuinely care about their customers & reputation.
The other, well.....................people seem to still buy their product regardless of higher prices, piss poor service & very long wait times with zero information, being treated with contempt even.....................go figure! I only but from that brand when they have a product I want that no-one else has. The other makers need to lift their game & compete with competitive products.
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not to do with brz and gr86 sales, but in the Ute sector, the ranger has started to really take market share in recent months. People are starting to change their buying habits.
Yes, even the most "rusted on" big T badge buyers can see how much better the Ford product is - but plenty will still buy nothing else & pay much more for it!
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Question for MY22/23 BRZ owners - I know the Sat Nav displays the speed limit from the maps on the dash above the speedo, but does the car alert you if you exceed that speed limit? If so, can you adjust the tolerance, eg, to beep at 2kph over the limit, etc?
just out of curiosity, how rare do you guys think BRZ/GR86 will be in the street in 2023/24? looks like there will be a huge influx of BRZ or GR86 into Australia starting Jan 2023. I like my car to be rare and stand out among other cars in the street. do you think this car will shortly be spotted literally everywhere you go like Yaris or Corolla?
I have yet to see another privately owned GR86 on the roads here.

My GR86 GT in Apollo Blue is certainly getting plenty of looks from Gen 1 86/BRZ drivers. I am being stopped in the street for a chat when near it quite a bit also. It is certainly standing out!

I saw a very shiny BRZ in WR Blue yesterday - very nice (looking forward to my 10th Anniversary car next Jan/Feb).

These cars will never be common like a Corolla - even the Gen 1 cars are still infrequent sightings, despite 10 years of sales! 1,000 or even 2,000 cars spread around Oz is nothing but a drop in the ocean!
Unlike last gen, the current gen are not exactly cheap cars anymore so not as easily attainable for younger kids.

Also, I don't believe these cars are P-Plate legal either.

I still think these cars are great value for money if you want a 2 door RWD coupe and is one of the reason why I am getting one now to replace my comfortable/luxury hot hatch while I can still get in and out of low cars easily lol
They are not P Plate legal in SA & some other states, but some states do allow them - so check carefully before buying if you are on Ps.
You will see them about as frequently as you currently see the GR Yaris - that is to say extremely rarely unless you live in the suburb where one is parked.

They are delivering roughly 80 a month for the BRZ, and 90 a month for the GR86 going on the limited information we have on sales figures and advised annual allocations. The BRZ had a head start, but sales in the US will tell you that the GR86 will catch up and take over by a fair margin, I would expect those numbers to double next year (at least for the GR86).

I mean there are some people that wont buy them because of prices and interest rates, but there are then people that don't buy a more expensive car like a Porsche because of prices and interest rates and just get one of theses - its hard to know what is going to happen in the market after the production limits come off.
Funny you should say that...........I also have a GR Yaris Rallye in the shed, so my street is probably not the average street for GR Toyotas! Having said that, I think the trifecta with the GR Corolla will take a while, as their best guess for mine is 2 to 3 years................I suspect it will be longer.............
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Two questions for owners of the car:

1. Are the power mirrors able to be operated when the car is off? The manual says there's a window after powering off the car for this to be done like the windows but they don't seem to move? First car with them and I'm clearly having issues adjust my routing when exiting the car haha.

2. Has anyone with an iPhone been able to successfully connect the car to wifi through the phone hotspot? My phone doesn't seem to be listed in the available networks. Just curious to see if there are any system and map updates and my home wifi barely reaches the car when parked on the street.

Really enjoying the car. What people say is true, if you always look back at the car when walking away from it, you know its a good one.
Unsure if BRZ is the same, but in my GR86 there is a time delay after switch off when the windows & mirrors still work for a short while. I think opening a door cancels that however?

Also, have a look in the user settings section in case there is some setting in there.
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I have often tried folding the mirrors after turning off and it never seems to work for me. I have to remember to fold them in before I shut down. And then I always forget to open them again until Im on the road.
My GR86 mirrors auto open when I start the engine, so perhaps there is a user setting you can change? Handbook should show it.
Does anyone know if the intial detail/clean is done at the docks or at the dealership? I think I want to leave the car as is including all the stickers on for a local detailer to ceramic coat etc
Cars are not cleaned at the docks.

The dealership does that, so simply tell them how you want it prepared (or not).

The only risk in not letting the dealer detail it, is that any damage or imperfections may not be detected, which then becomes your problem.
For anyone waiting for a 10th Anniversary BRZ, I am told there is at least one (manual) currently on board the Beluga Ace, due in Townsville on 6/12, then to Brisbane, Kembla, Melbourne and Adelaide on 27/12. This car is for Adelaide & the dealer expects to deliver it mid/late Jan. Interestingly, neither the dealer nor customer (me) received the usual emails with progress updates, so perhaps Subaru are managing the 10th Anniv. cars differently to the regular cars? I wonder if there are any more on this ship? I also noticed there are several ships from Japan due shortly, so perhaps there are some BRZ on those?
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Did anyone purchase their car under finance? Just wondering what the interest rate is atm
Shop around for finance - dealer finance is usually more expensive than your own bank, etc.
Look on Canstar to "window shop" rates.
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In Adelaide, cars often leave the docks within a few days & go straight to dealers.
If a lot of cars arrive together, it may take a bit longer as there only so many trucks to move them.
Then it is up to the dealer. They try to deliver in the same month to get their figures and commission, etc.
If you are having extras fitted, that can delay things.
Best to touch base with your dealer to see what they can do for you.
called my dealer today, only told me it will be a December production, hopefully, it will get delivered next Feb. Ordered my one the day before the official GR86 price was announced. Looks like the 10th special edition is getting to Australia quicker.
Yes, it was one of the advantages of ordering a 10th.
I assume that they had reserved a production slot for them?
I was told that deposit is refundable if the car does not arrive within 3 months.
I got about $1k of discount & extras, deposit refundable and importantly, price protected against any price increases. This protection is worth asking for. This was for BRZ S. BRZ 10th Anniversary was same terms but no discount.
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I went into Subaru really to put down a deposit. Was told needed to make a non-refundable $2,000 deposit. Was not willing to do that as circumstances can change, for whatever reason, and I may have needed to cancel order. So I said: thanks, no thanks. ordered a GR86. I was told by Subaru that the deposit had to be non-refundable as dealer would miss out on sale if order cancelled. I later messaged salesman that 1) if I didn’t place or 2) placed an order and cancelled it, Subaru would be in the same position: no sale. I noted that dealer may be missing more sales by having this policy than they may do if people placed orders and then cancelled them. I get that I may have been able to negotiate a clause to give me an out if I needed to cancel order, but i got put off by dealer and went elsewhere. It will cost more and take longer to get GR86, but I won’t have to put up with the Subaru dealer - who I have bought cars from in the past and the customer service is not great
That is a crap dealer. I would have tried another one.
I think I'm too late my finance loan got approved with subaru. Not sure if there is a cooling off period or cancelation fees
Check the fine print or ask them - it costs nothing to ask!
I also have a version of GR86 plates - currently on my GR86 GT, but I might put them on my BRZ 10th Anniv when it arrives - I like the idea............unless the eventual buyer of the GT really wants them & pays $ for them!
I've been trying to think of a good plate for the BRZ, but so far no joy.......
Looks like the Beluga Ace is doing the Santa Run around Australia delivering nice presents to some very lucky people!
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Looks like the Beluga Ace is doing the Santa Run around Australia delivering nice presents to some very lucky people!
This shows it is going to stop at Pt Kembla early on Tuesday:
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