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Who in Australia has ordered the 2022 BRZ

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I ordered mine as a manual in Magnetite Grey, with the dealer yesterday after sorting out the trade in.
I went for the Coupe as the "S" level only adds heated front seats and leather seats which to me was a waste of money.
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I ordered a BRZ today in wake of the GR86 price leak. Apprx 5-6 month wait. Cant wait to take delivery. This will by first BRZ/86 and my first brand new car! In relation to the floor mats, they chucked them in for me at no extra cost.
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Hey folks, seems like if you order a brz now it'll be for the MY23 model. This comes with another price rise over what the current msrp is on the Subaru website. My contract without discount would come to $46,424, which is ~$1400 increase over the current msrp. Can anyone who has MY23 on their contract corroborate this??
Is that for the BRZ S? I just entered in to a contract (VIC) and my BRZ for a 2023 would have cost $45,400 without a discount (inclusive of floor mat set)
Yep it was the top spec. I'm in QLD. What was your discount? So the extra cost is coming from the 'vehicle price' right?
$1,200 discount which works out to be $44,300. I didn't realise the website was for the 22 year. That makes a bit more sense! I didn't understand how my discounted car worked out to be more than the website price! I was initially quoted on the 22 price and I thought I had scored a awesome deal. haha
The website is not for MY22. It’s just a dealer spinning a BS story to charge above web site prices.
Wouldnt surprise me. I am totally over it with the whole Toyota launch, so pretty happy to just place an order thats not a total rip off.
Well there hasn't been any news about a further price increase from earlier this year, so I was confused when I was told there was a slight increase. What was your vehicle price?? And did your salesperson give you an estimate of delivery time?
Just the vehicle price before fees and taxes was $36,627 and $40,406 incl GST compared to the Subie website price of $40,290 including GST. So that does appear to consistent that the prices on the website are 2023 as Brad said. I'd have to guess the dealer fees are higher than what's estimated on the website. So the discount is probably bit of a furphy in that case which explains why it was pretty easy to get haha.

So I am booked in for December production with an estimated Feb delivery.
I’m seeing some others are getting some pretty good discounts but oh well. I’m ok with $45k driveaway with floor mats for an S.
$45k for S is decent. Better than my deal of $44,300 for the standard with floor mats. Compared to the GR86 its a ripper deal. You can be certain that 2024 MY cars will increase alot.
so where do you reckon brz prices will end up? Will it make its way to 50k as well eventually?
Considering that this brz started out intially at ~43k its weird to imagine such a big increase.
I think it would be very odd if the BRZ didn't at least match the GR86 price once the MY23 model stock is exhausted.
Ended up ordering my STI shift knob today from Japan for $244
I nearly optioned mine with the STI gear knob but thought $350 was pretty high. Where did you find the cheaper one?

The red STI start button is nice too but again another $360!!
I work for Boeing, its like that simpsons ep when they come to Australia and have the special toilet where the water spins the other way. Their VPN is like that lol.
My dealer is trying to upsell me car products now. I thought it was was amusing the Boeing reference so I'd thought I would swing it past you. haha

  • Boeing have Tested, Proven and Globally Certified Hydro Protektiv surface coating. This means it meets Boeing stringent D6-17487 specifications
$500 for window tint as well which seems pricey given the small windows.
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$500?! Holy crap, I'm getting mine done this weekend $300. Darkest legal + window banner.
Yeah, $300 was the number I would've thought was reasonable. Maybe $500 for a Subaru Outback is ok but not for a small 2 door coupe
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I think that might be one advantage on going through the dealer in that if you detect any rattle on the door or have even a slightly non flush finish, you can just reject it until they fix it.
This is a very good point. Also saves a bit of mucking around getting it to a tinting shop.

think Subaru will probably increase the price of the Manual to match the Automatic
Agree as well. I have no issue with the transmissions costing the same if they had all the same Eyesight features. Comparing it to the Supra pricing strategy is furphy because Supra has all the same tech in both transmissions.
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I got the confirmation call from Sydney, my production date will be Feb 2023, est in Aus, around late April. I asked on the phone, have you been a little busier than usual yesterday and today. The person replied, well yes we have with the BRZ orders. I then mentioned GR86 mess with manual sale prices, they replied, well that explains it, we just sold a stack of BRZ’s, everyone of them a manual!
wow they have sold a few. I only signed a BRZ contract on Wednesday for Dec production. So in 2 days they’ve filled dec and Jan productions.
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Just out of curiosity, for the brzs in Dec production, do Subaru still claim it MY23?
You can’t even order 2022 anymore. So yeah 2023 MY built in dec 22.
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I actually started collecting a bunch of screenshots from this forum of people who have bailed. Was planning on using it as “ammunition” for getting a deal on the GR86 haha. It was up to about 8 when I did it last night.
Unfortunately Toyota won’t care. There are plenty of people who will pay whatever price is asked. There’s a Facebook group poll asking what people will do in light of the prices. Most people voted as still going to buy.
Received the email from Subaru as well and I put my order in on Wednesday.
There’s one factor missing from that poll, were they buying auto or manual. The auto pricing is much the same as the BRZ, no need to cancel there as such.
The auto GTS is actually good value for money as Toyota capped price servicing is cheaper.
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what are your thoughts on this? do you think the 8 speakers in GR86 is worth the extra $4.5k?
Just upgrade the speakers in the BRZ. Even a set of cheap Pioneer speakers will probably out perform the 8 speaker system in the GR
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I went to a Toyota dealership in Sydney this morning, told them I am after GR86 GTS Manual. asked them whether they can offer some discount given it's about $5k more expensive than BRZ. they said the price is not negotiable. I went to Subaru right after that. they offered $44k for BRZ Coupe S MT with floor mats thrown in. I put down a deposit and signed a contract without any hesitation. Apparently, he sold 10 BRZ MT over the weekend and all the sales were from the customers who were largely disappointed about the GR86 pricing.

I am not sure how this will affect the resale value of BRZ in the future. now that many people are switching from GR86 to BRZ, will this severely bring down the resale value of BRZ ?
Congrats! The BRZ is the financially sensible move.

When is your production month or delivery ETA?

I am guessing BRZ resale values will go up. I'd be shocked if Subaru doesnt match or even price it higher than the GR for the 24 MY.
I am so nervous. What should i do??????
Dont stress about it. They are very easy cars to drive. If it makes you feel any better, when I did a drift day in the 86, even the 16 year old kid who has never driven a manual had no problems. I hadn't driven a manual for over 10 years and I didn't even stall it. Very easy manual.
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BRZ vs GR86 If you are particularly worried about driving it from the dealership maybe get someone else to drive it home for you so you can start off somewhere a bit quieter.
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