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Wheel touch up paint for my 2023 BRZ Limited?

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Does anyone know where to get the proper touch up paint for the wheels on my car?
I got a small chip from a rock, and wanted to touch it up so it doesn't show.
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I had to pay $550 for a new rim because of curb rash that I could not touch up properly. 馃槦
Ask Subaru?
Nobody seems to know the color.
I think a big problem is that wheels are powder coated, so technically there is no exact color in paint to match it.

I was just hoping that someone found a really close paint match for small touch ups. I wouldn't expect to be able to fix curb rash, or any substantial damage, and make it look good. But in my case, I have a tiny rock chip the size of a pin head, so I'm thinking a close touch up paint would make it virtually undetectable, unless you know where it is, and look for it.
Take a pic of your wheel and try this website?

How does that website help me with a paint color for my wheel?
Crap, I think I posted the wrong link. Brb
LOL, thanks!
It's a pretty cool site, but unfortunately, that doesn't help with the wheel color.
It's really hard to get a good photo. And once I have a photo, I still have a shading issue to deal with. I have to put the mouse pointer precisely where the most accurate looking color is., so I have to pick a spot that is closest to the actual color. Then it gives a name that is meaningless (I'm looking for something like: Ford Iconic Silver Metallic M7325A, or something similar), the site doesn't account for it being metallic, nor does it account for the Matte finish.
I think my only chance is to find someone who took the time to match it up by trial and error/paint samples for car finishes, so I can get it close enough to not show.
As of now, I decided to buy this kit to try:
It's the anthracite semi-gloss finish.
I think it is the best I can do by eye, but not sure if it's good. I will write back to update after I try it, I get it tomorrow.
I tried that kit, and the Anthracite seems to be a pretty close color match. In person, the repair is less noticeable than in pictures (you have to actually look for it). The only thing is that the finish is too shiny, so I ordered a matte clearcoat pen to hopefully dull the shine a little. I will follow up after I apply the clearcoat. I attached the before and after photos.


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