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What did you do to your gr86 today?

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Lets start a thread on what you did to your gr86 today? You could have bought/installed new wheels, suspension, etc or you just gave your car a detail or wash…. Whatever you guys bought for or did to your gr86 today! Post up some pics. I’ll start… today I was able to pick up some new Recaro sportster CS seats for my gr86
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First wash and detail of the year. Also got these trays for extra storage.
What's the details on the trays?
Where'd you get those puddles? They make one for the BRZ? I’m sure there are BRZ ones if you look.
To order these from, can you direct ship them to the US? How'd you go about that? These puddle lights are sick! 🔥
Certain sellers ship direct to US. Even with shipping they were only like $40.
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Installed the full Greddy intake setup. No pictures of the filter, but you know, it’s a filter. Bumper comes off surprisingly easy on these cars.
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Did a bunch of stuff today. JDM airbox, paint matched mirror caps, Greddy oil cap, Blitz ZZ-R Spec DSC coilovers, ARP wheel studs, PP dust shields (calipers are currently getting powdercoated, figured may as well do the prep while I was in there).

Tomorrow I get to do the fun part - running all the wiring for the DSC Plus. Nothing like ripping all the interior out of a brand new car.
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Do/did you have a need to preserve the USDM airbox? Is your car sitting on scales in the garage view (nice garage btw)? Clean install on the DSC panel.
No need to preserve it, I just like using the proper OEM parts if I can.

Not scales, but Cusco ramps. They’re two piece, the second half can be removed after it’s up.
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It's interesting that the red cars have red in the engine compartment. My blue car is black in the engine compartment. On your intake did you preserve the resonator or delete it?

It typically comes down to the base coat. Most cars are that way. Hence the red not being the same shade as the rest of the car. If you check elsewhere, I’d assume it’s black as well.

I obviously have the large resonator still, as I felt no reason to remove it. But the smaller one on the intake pipe is deleted with the Greddy inlet tube.
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