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What did you do to your gr86 today?

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Lets start a thread on what you did to your gr86 today? You could have bought/installed new wheels, suspension, etc or you just gave your car a detail or wash…. Whatever you guys bought for or did to your gr86 today! Post up some pics. I’ll start… today I was able to pick up some new Recaro sportster CS seats for my gr86
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First wash and detail of the year. Also got these trays for extra storage.
This car does need more storage. I have been throwing things in to the cup holder in the door and it doesn’t work with a bottle. How do you like your new trays? Do you find yourself using one more than the other?
I was hoping I could just get one tray and not both.

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Also added the armrest storage today.
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Looks good! What do you find yourself using it for? I was thing of getting one too.
I realized the rear armrest storage box means you can't put the rear seats down. Need to think on that one a bit.
Yes, I think they give you velcro to attach it and not 3M tape for that very reason.
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