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What did you do to your BRZ today?

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I pulled the trigger on a car phone holder today. It was $39.00 at Best Buy. I have researched them for a while and came up with this one. I think it looks clean and is out of the way. Here are some pics of the installation. I inserted a little black plastic piece from an old wire bracket to hold the trim apart for the phone cable. The cable is not pinched and can slide freely. See the last pic to see the piece I cut out and the bracket it came from.

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I am adding some more photos to show how I got the phone cable routed up to the dash.
I ran the phone cable from the center console cupholders to inside the dash.
The first image shows the cable plugged into the console's USB box. You can pry the black cover off the USB box to install it back into the cupholder area.
The next few images show the cable running back through the center console making its way out to the phone holder.
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  • STi underspoiler front, side, and rear installed by my Subaru dealer - $2,085.
  • Also added the GR86 Premium duckbill spoiler - $430
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What exhaust is that?? I've been looking for one with blue/burnt tips haha
Last night, to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with the BRZ, I installed the Nameless Performance axleback with the 5 inch mufflers. Definitely louder at start up like a lot of exhausts for the platform but it quiets down nicely and has a nice rumble driving around town, not even close to being obnoxious. To quote Mrs.BirdYYC on a drive last night "this is what I expected the car to sound like, it's not even loud".

It's a bit expensive, especially with the CAD/USD and shipping to Canada, but the quality is fantastic and the welds on this thing are beautiful. I can totally understand why Cosworth worked with Nameless on the previous platform. I will make special mention of the excellent customer service at Nameless as I called Steven to see if they had availability before I ordered on Monday afternoon and he had it shipped that day and on my doorstep on Wednesday. The tips are not adjustable so you need to ensure you're happy with the placement on the hangers before you button it down.

Stock axleback was 21.6lbs, Nameless was 18.2lbs.

Below is a little cold start video with a couple of small revs at the end. Stock startup was 77.1db before settling down to the high 50s. Nameless was 83.7db before settling down to the high 60s. I wanted something a bit louder that wouldn't annoy my neighbours (as you can see in the video my garage opens to the house behind me) while also being respectful of my local track's 96db sound limit and this fit the bill perfectly for me. I might do some driving videos if requested but the video from WIll L on Youtube gives an accurate representation.
I can second this. I have the Nameless Performance axleback on my FRS daily, also paired with a Tomei UEL header. Sounds great, no drone and tons of Subie rumble. By the sound, you'd think an STI was pulling up. I'm tempted to buy another Nameless exhaust for the BRZ..but I'm probably gonna try something else, most likely the AWE Touring catback, but still looking.
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Sometimes it’s the little details. Added the STi knob since I already had the STi short-throw shifter kit installed. Also got the STi push-start button since I found it for $100 cheaper online than the Subaru MSRP. Almost have all the STi accessories now!
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Looks good! How did the back window turn out?
The back looks pretty dark from behind, I was on the fence about 15% or 20% tint. I picked 20% to be a bit on the safer side, but it's still dark enough imo.
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