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2023 Ignition Red BRZ Limited
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Ordered April 27 with a same day VON# and an October estimated delivery. They updated it to December delivery in September. Salesman called and said it arrived this morning on a truck. I picked it up 7pm. Drove it 38 miles home and parked it. I felt like it road rough and stiff coming home ride (suspension) wise. When I got home and started getting familiar with settings I saw the tires pressures all sitting on 44! Lowered them to 34 and the car felt way better…Huge difference. Radio after setting all the virtual voice settings to MID and also turning on BASS enhancer and the radio sounded really full. Pleasantly surprised after ready all the negative about the radio. My Limited sounds wonderful.

The Ignition Red is just amazing to me. Wettest looking paint I have ever seen from a factory. Windows were tinted at dealership with 15% ceramic smoke. Which looks really nice with the black interior. Interior is also nice to me. The seats seem to be high quality again LIMITED.

My 7 month wait feels well worth it.
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