Toyota filed this patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a camera system that will detect other vehicles committing traffic violations. It is likely for of the automakers advanced driver-assist tech and autonomous vehicles to improve the odds you won't get into a collision with those vehicles.

Here's how they explain it in the abstract below.
"A traffic violation vehicle identification system, a server and a non-transitory recording medium is provided. The traffic violation vehicle identification system includes a first vehicle and a server The first vehicle is configured to generate a first picture by photographing a traffic light in an direction of the first vehicle and an oncoming vehicle or a crossing vehicle at an intersection, and send violation vehicle information including characteristic information about a traffic violation vehicle performing a traffic violation and a first sending picture, to the server, when the first vehicle detects the traffic violation vehicle in the first picture, the first sending picture being at least a part of the first picture including an evidence picture of the traffic violation, the characteristic information being extracted from the first picture."

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