Autoguide has a new comparison review out with the GR86, BRZ, and MX-5 Miata.

They ranked the 3 and it went:
  • 1st - GR86
  • 2nd - BRZ
  • 3rd - MX-5 Miata

Better In Every Way

Mike summed it up best when he said the BRZ was better in every way than the car it replaced. Unsurprisingly, the same is true for the GR86. Toyota has carefully and thoughtfully improved on the aspects that needed it—power, everyday drivability, suspension tuning, interior design, styling—without fundamentally altering the inherent attitude of the little sports coupe. This is a joyous, involving drive, a scalpel of a machine against the landscape of Mustang and Camaro sledgehammers. In this three-car match-up, the GR86 has reclaimed honor in its MX-5 rematch, and slightly undercuts its Subaru sibling.

Oh, and this one has that cool ducktail spoiler. Checkmate.