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Its a long story but I put a deposit down on the GR86 in 2020, then one on the BRZ, thinking I would check them out and drive them back to back basically then get the one I wanted (I have test drive as a get out clause on both orders).
The GR86 delay meant I couldn't do that.
So instead I'm buying the BRZ, but I'm not dropping the GR86 pre-order (Its probably one of the first 5 in the country), then I will test drive it whenever we get them, and flip the BRZ (which will still be rare as hens teeth) if I really like the GR86 more.
Personally I really need to get in front of both cars. I much prefer the GR86 branding more, its startup sequence and its car club. I'm even on looks. I much prefer the BRZs evolved chassis.
So we will see. One thing I know for sure is that I will own a BRZ!
I previously owned an 86 and my "86" number plates will still be going on the BRZ when it arrives.
I like both looks wise so not fussy there and in reality I would have gone with which ever one released first originally, but after the reviews I have seen, since I use it as a daily drive, the BRZ just seems to be the better choice so I am glad it will arrive first.
I do wonder just how many GR86 will arrive for Australia compared to the 500 BRZ. I expect the GR86 to be more "common" compared to the BRZ
This was my 86
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