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The Eagle Has Landed!!

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Ordered: October 5th 2022
Delivered: March 17th 2023

Ya'll, I think I've got the luck of the Irish! My BRZ was delivered a few days early!

So far I have put 41 Miles on it (mostly back roads) and I can already report its hands down my favorite car I've owned. I like it even more than my dad's C8 Corvette. This is exactly what I wanted in a car! The shifter reminds me of my Miata but newer, the ride quality is great, the chassis is stiff, the engine reminds me of my Subaru BRAT which I love! The seats are perfect the color is gorgeous in person I have no complaints. I guess I'm biased now but whatever. I'm really happy ya'll! Good luck to everyone else on their BRZ/GR86 journey it is worth it!

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Congrats! I just picked up my Trueno Blue GR86 premium MT last night after LOTS OF WEEKS/TIME using the Toyota site inventory search and calling LOTS of dealerships before finding one available w/o markup, etc etc. Such a great color!
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