It turns out that the GR 86 sports car is 15 pounds lighter on a scale than what Toyota advertised to be.
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"As advertised, the Base MT model comes in with a curb weight claim of 2,811 pounds. Technical advisors weighed this same spec and came up with 2,796 pounds, with a full tank of fuel. Since a gallon of gasoline is about 6.3 pounds and the GR86’s tank has a capacity of 13.2 gallons, fuel takes up about 80 pounds, in case you were wondering.

Typically curb weight includes fuel too (it should be ready-to-drive condition), so if the fuel level was identical in both weighing sessions, the car could be 15 pounds lighter than advertised. That’s not a huge weight difference in the grand scheme of life, but when we’re talking about a lower-powered lightweight vehicle, 15 pounds isn’t nothing. Especially considering that in a competitive environment such as time attack (or time trial, depending on who you’re competing with), competitors typically won’t run more than a couple of gallons per on-track session to get the most ideal power-to-weight ratio.

Not that we needed much more motivation to get excited about this car. A rear-wheel-drive, daily-friendly, and comfortable sports car that’s below 2,800 pounds with over 220 horsepower is frankly astonishing in this day and age. By comparison, the six-speed manual-equipped Hyundai Veloster N has 275 horsepower on tap but weighs over 300 pounds more."