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Tanabe Revel Coilovers Review

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Wanted to talk about an interesting set of coilovers I have put on my gr86. Tanabe Revel Touring Sport Damper is the official name, definitely a mouthful. Running mxp exhaust and have about 4-4.3” of ground clearance roughly. They have made the ride more direct and engaging. Enhancing road feel through the corners and still able to clear speed bumps with no issue in my complex. Compared to other coilovers I’ve had in different platforms these are performing better in every way. If you have any questions please feel tree to reach out. I’m currently running 18x8.5 Rays ne24 wheels with +42 offset (3mm spacers going to be test fit next week) and 235/40/18 Michelin Ps4s’s. No rubbing and can turn to full lock. Anyways all in all I fully recommend these coilovers! Plus they come with front end links for the sway bar as bonus. My instagram is @MountAkinaCorp if you wanna follow my journey slowly modifying my gr86. Here’s some pictures also for you to check out what it looks like.
Thank you for your time and have a blessed day and an amazing weekend! ☺
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