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International reports that the incoming Subaru BRZ will be a vehicle for "America only" have been panned by the brand in Australia, with local representatives telling CarsGuide "we will get the next-generation BRZ".

In news that will cause a collective sigh of relief to whistle across this country, the next-gen BRZ is a lock for a local launch, with CarsGuide understanding we will see it in our market around the third quarter of 2021.

There is still some mystery surrounding the new model - like whether the BRZ’s expected new 2.4-litre boxer four-cylinder petrol engine will be naturally aspirated or turbocharged, though we are expecting outputs of at least 162kW and 240Nm.

The current car's 2.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine is good for 152kW and 212Nm, so whether the new model gets turbocharging or not, there will be more power in the offing.

All that's left, says Subaru Australia, is to settle on the finer details.

"Our clear understanding is that we will get the next-generation BRZ," a Subaru Australia spokesperson told CarsGuide. "But the finer details, like our specifications for example, are yet to be confirmed."

The news follows international reporting that the next-generation BRZ not only wouldn't make it to Europe, but wouldn't launch anywhere outside of the USA.

But according to Subaru Australia, those reports are thankfully inaccurate.

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Well if I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I still think its a N/A 2.4 for the US and perhaps for some other markets a smaller engined
turbo to meet emission standards. Further I think it could be that BRZ will have the NA engine and maybe the 86 will have a turbo engine(from the Levorg) since Toyota has more of a worldwide presence and would sell in more markets than Subaru. I just wish the day before reveal someone actually has some real clear front, side and rear pictures of the car by now. I'm rather amazed no one so far has. Further a day before reveal we have no real info on the engine at all. Cudos to Subaru and Toyota for keeping the info dark for so long.
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