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STI Wheels

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I have my 2023 BRZ premium on order and need to start selling my STI parts. I'm heavily invested in the STI wheels, I have four sets. I know the question has been asked before but I am looking for some real world feedback from folks that have run the STI wheels on their car.

I would buy the Perrin 20 mm wheel adapters and would be leaving the suspension and everything else on the car alone. But I will be very disappointed if the tires rub going over speed bumps, aggressive driving, autocross, etc.

Has anyone tried a big brake kit upgrade in addition to running these wheels?

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They aren't the same bolt pattern as the BRZ. Your wheels are 5x114 and the BRZ is 5x100. You'll need adapter spacers to use them and they would probably interfere with the fenders in some way.
That's why I said I would get the Perrin wheel adapters. I've seen pictures of the previous generation car with those wheels installed. That's why I was asking for people with firsthand experience.
Those GR STI wheels are 18x8.5 +55 the 20mm adapter spacers will bring it to +35, they will poke a bit from the fender. I can't find any photos of these or any other STI wheels on the 22+, but there are plenty of cars on fitment industries with +35 wheels on a stock suspension. They fit with no rubbing according to those accounts.
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