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I get the good stuff.
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Hey everyone!

We just finished adding all the available parts from STi for the 2022+ Subaru BRZ on our website!

We are now sponsor of the forum! We hope we'll able to help you build your dream car!

We've sold parts from Japan to thousands of customers all over the world and love to see everyone's builds getting the best quality parts ever.

We're happy to inform you that we have now started adding parts for the Subaru BRZ (ZD8) & 2022+ Toyota GR86 (ZN8) and we'll constantly update our private forum with the newest parts available from Japan!

Click here to see all our 2022+ BRZ Parts available!

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Here you is the full STi lineup for the BRZ:

STi Front Underspoiler

STi Side Underspoiler

STi Rear Side Underspoiler

STi Front Fender Garnishes

STi Dry Carbon GT Wing

STi Door Handle Protector

STi Performance Muffler

STi Flexible V-Bar

STi Rear Draw Stiffener

STi Lateral Link Set

STi Lowering Springs

STi Short Shift Kit

STi Leather Shift Knob

STi Duracon Shift Knob

STi Push Start Button

STi Oil Filler Cap

STi Radiator Cap

STi Locking Lug Nuts

STi Valve Cap Set

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What currency are prices shown? $US or local currency where I am viewing from?
Never mind.. found the small box at top left saying $US
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