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I never asked myself this question because I took it as a given that we will get a facelift (kouki) of the 2nd gen GR86/BRZ in 3 or 4 years, as it was the case with Gen1. But since it has been announced that the GR86 will leave the European market after only 2 years, I'm uncertain about the future of the car. It sounds to me like Toyota and Subaru would be reluctant to put any more developing costs into this car (as they have to deal with more and more regulations despite getting very little profit out of it), and with the rapid speed things are advancing, it will get harder and harder to release ICE sports cars in general. Not to mention that the number of potential buyers will only shrink from here since additional taxes make the cars too expensive for many.

Do you expect a facelift version to come? And what do you think will be the year when the 2nd Gen will sell its last car?
It’s very uncertain in my honest opinion. With regulations changing (on sale for only 2 years in Europe) and the whole ev/sustainable future trying to be pushed, anything can happen at this point. There might be a facelift maybe 3 years in with some minor updates but I agree with what you said overall.

I can see the 86/BRZ go off into the sunset though while the Corolla and WRX take center stage again, all while Toyota and Subaru collaborate more on SUVs.

My reason why is explained in another thread about the GR Corolla and how Toyota is testing different forms of hybrid/hydrogen/synthetic fuel types in racing. They also just seem more passionate about that car then they do about the 86/BRZ. They aren’t really making any efforts in that front and I’ve been saying that for awhile, I’m glad someone else sees it too.
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