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  • All pieces painted in GR86 Halo White / BRZ Crystal White Peark (K1X)
  • All prices are OBO picked up in Southern California (Orange County).
  • Rear side and center diffusers can be shipped at buyer's expense.
  1. Front Under Spoiler (BRZ only): $500
    • Small scrape on underside, not visible when mounted.
  2. Rear Side Diffuser/Spats (BRZ or GR86): $200
  3. Rear Center Diffusers (BRZ or GR86): $150
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Rectangle Water Bathtub Grey Asphalt

Automotive tire Asphalt Road surface Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

Hood Automotive exterior Vehicle door Bumper Fender

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Grille Automotive design

Rectangle Automotive exterior Composite material Bumper Font

Plant Textile Sleeve Rectangle Grey

Sleeve Wood Table Grey Rectangle
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