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SOLVED: Aim Solo 2 DL ECU mapping in 2023 GR86 Premium

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I believe this applies to all GR86's, but please use this at your own risk. I take no credit for documenting this, only simplifying what needs to be done and posting it here.

PROBLEM: My trusty AiM Solo 2 DL had nothing but some obscure temperature readings when plugging into the OBDII port. Specifically I wanted Throttle position, brake pressure, steering position & oil temp. I'm using speed from the AiM unit itself on GPS. HOWEVER, since you cannot receive those readings from the factory OBDII port you need to grab it from the CAN bus --- but luckily a couple of very smart people have made this simple for us.

SOLUTION: 2 easy steps

  1. Build or buy a cable to tap into the CAN Bus: There are 4 wires which can be accessed at the ACS unit harness (+12v, ground, CAN+ & CAN-). This is easily accessed on the passenger side of the car by removing the side panel to the dash (no screws) removing the harness from the ACS module and connecting in the other harness inline. I HIGHLY recommend just purchasing the tap harness from: 2022+ BRZ/GR86 CAN adapter. However, if $75 for a nicely crafted harness is too rich for your blood, the document linked below shows yow to make one.
  2. Update your AiM Solo 2 DL: Create a CAN protocol utilizing the document below (pages 11 & 12) and use this to create a Device Configuration in Race Studio 3. Upload this configuration to your AiM Solo 2 DL and plug it in. Note that the document below includes a link to a file which can be imported into Race Studio 3 so you don't even need to create the CAN protocol.

GR86/BRZ_Gen2 ASC Unit CAN bus to AIM Solo DL2 Guide

I know it could sound overwhelming, but it's actually very easy. All you need is in that document above. Just buy the cable, install it, configure your device in Race Studio 3 and you're off to the races (literally). Please reach out if you have any specific questions or something isn't making sense.

If you really want to geek out - Tim created this in depth documentation on Github: ft86/ at main · timurrrr/ft86

... and one other thing. Since you don't get gear position off of the CAN bus, you can calculate it with a math channel knowing the RPM, speed, final drive ratio and transmission gear ratios. Here they are:

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Most things aren't available via the OBD2 port anymore. This project has the most detailed info and development AFAIK for accessing the information through the fake noise generator harness.
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