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Reasons why you would sell your BRZ / GR86

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In an attempt to understand why there are a lot of used ones for sell that are a year old with low miles (they're not all automatic) I'm asking for your reasons to sell.
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Lots of reasons
1. Garage queen with low miles and may fetch a good price
2. Want to Upgrade/Downgrade to something else (zupra, corolla etc)
3. More space needed eg. back seat
4. I have too much toy cars
5. I need the money.. eg. I over extended and now have kids
6. Wife doesn't like it
7. Insurance costs are high
8. I hate to drive a sports car in the snow that's RWD
9. I lost my job
10. RTV

It's just a car one would think there's lots of "prtty forward looking" reasons that aren't stupid.
I bet the road noise is a significant factor.
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