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Reasons why you would sell your BRZ / GR86

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In an attempt to understand why there are a lot of used ones for sell that are a year old with low miles (they're not all automatic) I'm asking for your reasons to sell.
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If I found a super clean 6MT previous gen M2. Or maybe for a Supra. I’m still considering trying to trade it on a 6MT Supra since the BRZ is very nearly paid off by now but I’m enjoying cheap car running costs lol
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I am thinking some people are scared of the silicone RTV issue or just isn’t what they expected in the car / not happy.

I wanted a MT premium Neptune Blue GR86. Was on the wait list for a year. I never thought I’d have the chance to get a GRCorolla before the GR86 lol.

I had a chance to buy a MT Silver Supra but it had brown interior. Also $10k ADM. Sales guy couldn’t adjust price.

Also, the new Supra has an electronic ebrake so Hydraulic aftermarket is a must for drifting which is something I wanted the GR86/Supra for.
Oh I can tell you I couldn’t care much less about the RTV issue. I wouldn’t mind having to rebuild the whole engine in my garage at 80k tbh. I work from home and have a spare car and a couple bikes so my needs for reliability are low and these things will probably be pretty reliable as far as I’d wager.

Mostly it’s that these cars are kinda meh on the highway. They’re super fun which makes up for it. But my BRZ doesn’t really like sitting cruise control pegged at 90 mph. I know I’m a niche use case but that is a significant point for me. They’re ofc a bit noisy in general and so on.

Doing 75mph on the interstate in Florida will get you run off the road and murdered.
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Interesting. I find my car is happiest at those speeds.
I wish mine was. The hood flutter is annoying, it’s quite loud (the car itself and it’s lack of insulation and road/wind noise), the engine is sitting at 4000 rpm which adds engine noise.
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Not trying to derail the topic but I'm gonna say this right now as a Florida resident.
RTV is like COVID-19; if you just flat-out ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, it will never be a problem for you 🤝
I mean the rona made me sick as hell for a month, but I don’t think the RTV will have even that impact on our cars😂

honestly, I will drop the pan when I install headers. Only because it’s easy and it’s right there yknow? But it’s mostly to satisfy my curiosity more than anything else
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