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Which tuning concept is your favorite?

  • HKS

    Votes: 11 22.9%
  • Cusco

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • SARD

    Votes: 7 14.6%
  • TOM'S

    Votes: 19 39.6%
  • Trust/GReddy

    Votes: 7 14.6%
  • Blitz

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Gazoo Racing

    Votes: 3 6.3%
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HKS, Cusco, SARD, TOM's, Trust/GReddy, Blitz and Gazoo Racing each developed their own GR 86 tuning concept, showcasing what products will come to market. A full parts list and video showing each model is included.

Out of these 7, which is your favorite?
Add your vote to the poll above and comment below on what you went with and why.

A concept car that expresses safe and secure total customization by sticking to parts compatible with vehicle inspection
We have brushed up the parts that are highly supported by users with the ZN6 type, such as the basic intake and exhaust, suspension, and GT2 S / C. Developed a new BODY KIT. It expresses customization that can be enjoyed in total, such as power performance, running performance, and design.
  • E / G turbocharger: GT2 SUPERCHARGER
  • ECU: Mastery ECU
  • Suspension: HIPERMAX S
  • Muffler: Hi Power SPEC-LⅡ
  • Body: HKS BODY KIT TYPE- S * All prototypes (under development)
Tarmac Rally specification that allows you to enjoy running from the pass to the circuit by introducing the technology cultivated in motor sports
Not only the stable road surface like a circuit, but also the pass road with gaps and swells, etc., we finished it with Tarmac Rally specifications that introduced the technology cultivated in motor sports so that you can drive happily and safely even in various road surface conditions .
  • Suspension: street ZERO A
  • Strut bar: with Type-OS / BCS
  • LSD Type-RS 2way 45 °
  • Tire: 225/45/17 DUNLOP DIREZZA 94R
  • Wheel: ENKEI sport RC-T5
  • Carbon belt cover
  • Sports shift knob
  • CUSCO Racing harness 6-point blue
  • Racing wheel nut M12 × P1.25 17HEX etc.

Evolution and establishment of SARD BRAND following the design from 86 GT1 and SARD90 Supra
A lacy design with aerodynamic performance and a round tail rear combination lamp. Rear wing with the same shape as a racing car that matches the body line, high quality MADE IN JAPAN full titanium muffler, LSD suitable for sports driving, SARD TORSEN Type Racing
  • LSR WING for GR 86 (rear wing)
  • SARD Racing seat cover
  • SARD Racing floor mat
  • Brake: ADVICS Racing Mono Front 4POT caliper ( (For racing)
  • Wheel: BBS RE-V 18 inch 8.5J Inset 45
  • Tire: POTENZA RE-71RS 245/35 R18
Wide and low design for a sportier custom TOM'S GR 86
While retaining the normal beauty, we added the functional beauty unique to the racing team and finished it as an adult AE86. The body color and over fender are homages to the first-stage Levin / Trueno TE27.
  • Front diffuser
  • Front nose
  • Bumper garnish
  • Side diffuser
  • Rear diffuser
  • TOM'S Barrel Exhaust
  • Brake kit (front and rear)
  • Racing steering
  • Carbon shift knob
  • Side brake lever
Powerful turbo power cultivated by the trust and a fearless exterior that does not break the style
I aimed for more power by docking the GReddy turbo on the 2.4L engine. The exterior is the GR eddy version, which has a normal body line, a fearless style that does not interfere with aerodynamic performance, and is equipped with a dedicated suspension and brake calipers that receive the power.
  • GReddy Power Extreme 3 Muffler
  • GReddy Turbo Kit T620Z RX
  • GReddy Performance Damper
  • GReddy Aero Kit VOLTEX Collaboration Model
  • GReddy Racing Harness
  • GReddy Sirius Unified Turbo
  • GReddy Sports Steering (Genuine Replacement Type)
  • Tire: Dunlop ZⅢ
  • Wheel: RAYS VOLK RACING NE24 and others
いっしょにいいクルマつくろう!トークセッション | TOYOTA GAZOO Racing

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Expressing both the fun and safety of customization with the concept of "getting people to drive on the street with peace of mind "
A front mask that insists on individuality and a fender that casually overhangs. Rear view with increased power. Undercarriage that does not spoil the ride quality even at low vehicle height. Intake and exhaust with enhanced response. The car is "fun to see" and "fun to ride".
  • Exhaust: NUR-SPEC F-Ti Quad Model (Full Titanium)
  • Meter: Triple RACING METER PANEL
  • Suspension: DAMPAER ZZ-R SpecDSC PLUS
  • Suspension: STRUT TOEWR BAR Front・ Rear
  • Brake: BIG CALIPER KITⅡ Front 6POT φ355 ・ Rear 4POT φ330
  • Aero: AERO SPEED R-Concept
  • Wheel: ENKEI / Racing Revolution RS05RR 18inch 9.5J
  • Tire: DUNLOP / DIREZZA ZⅢ (F / R: 255/35 R18) Other * All prototypes (under development)
GR Parts
"Stylish Street Sports" Tuning the entire vehicle from aerodynamics to maneuverability at a high level. Pursuing handling that allows you to run comfortably from winding to city riding
The design with traditional functional beauty reflects the performance backed by reliable technology and reliability, but it is a model that suppresses the trend. We made full use of the analysis technology cultivated in motor sports, and developed it with the highest priority on the balance of the entire car by the empirical rule of the craftsman who brings rich sensory performance. And "GR PARTS" can be dyed in your own color while interacting with the car. It is finished in such a ride that gives vivid colors to monochrome everyday life.
  • GR front spoiler
  • GR side skirt
  • GR rear bumper spoiler
  • GR sports muffler
  • GR trunk spoiler
  • GR aero stabilizing cover
  • GR 19 inch forged aluminum wheels & tire set (with security lock nut)
  • GR knee pad
  • GR suspension kit (total length Adjustable)
  • GR Monoblock Brake Kit and others

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TOM’S as far as looks are concerned. Al tunes with a supercharger/turbocharger don’t count for me; I want it to be NA. Happy that they stuck with NA and if other folks want to bolt on a charger that’s fine with me but I just love NA characteristic in this car.

GR Yaris, awaiting GR86, Reliant Robin ...
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Any of these entire builds show nice gadgets. I'm an old guy and my main target is to use any car I like as it is. "Does it make me faster?" If answered "No" I won't spend silly money :)

Bye for now Fred
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