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Oil pressure gauge pod placement

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Had the oil pressure gauge installed a few weeks back. Was placed in the left fan at first. It turns out that configuration was absolutely useless, cus the gauge was placed below eyesight.
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Now this new gauge pod would help a lot on track to keep an eye on the oil pressure. Thanks to import image racing.
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What do you guys think?
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Go to this guys youtube page:

BTR Garage

He details a jumper harness that we can plug into our ASC system to receive information from the CAN BUS. He then uses a combination of other items in order to data log track video as well as information pulled from the CAN BUS.
I have done that in a post a while back 馃槀. We just can't simply log oil pressure without connecting the gauge to a rig.
This one to be exact....

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You end up wrapping the cable for oil pressure? For fire protection (heat)?
Nah too lazy
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