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The new 2.4 Liter NA boxer engine FA24.

In my understanding the new 2.4 Liter engine is a complete new engine. Its not a 2 Liter engine with bigger cylinders, its a complete new design.

Are there infos on how that engine will be mechanical different to the Turbocharged FA24 engine that subaru also has?

The connecting rods of the 2.0 Liter engine of the first generation GT86 were the "weakpoint" of that engine when it came to put turbo on it and make more than about 300 horsepees.

I hope the new 2.4 Liter engine has the same connecting rods like the turbocharged engine. Maby the camshafts could be also different to the turbo engine.

The compression ratio of course will also be different between those FA24 engines, achieved maby by different pistons.

Whats your thoughts about that?

Video about the FA24 engine

Youtube - Subarus new engine the science explained
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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