Toyota dealers will now let you pre-order a 2022 GR 86 and here's what you can expect: Alright. So I’m not sure if @toyota has officially announced that you can preorder the GR86? And I’m leaning towards you can’t (from their website) but you CAN from certain dealerships. So I wandered into my local Toyota dealership and asked them about it. They said they essentially have 0 information about the car. As far as price, trims, when they’re getting them, etc. - but they still let me preorder it 😂 They asked what my top 3 color picks were, which transmission I wanted and asked for a deposit. They said it COULD take up to 6 months before we see the car due to the current state of car manufacturing right now. But I have a feeling they were just over quoting that. They told me that they would keep me updated as they get more information and that (from their dealership) I’d be the first person to get one. Basically because no one put in a preorder for one yet 😂 Anyway, I was getting a lot of DM’s about it and figured I’d share my experience with everyone. I’ll DEFINITELY keep you all updated with more info as it comes in ❤