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Musing on displacement.

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I wonder if there is enough room in the block to replace the crankshaft with a 3.55 mm increased stroke. That would bring the displacement to 2.5 liters. I know that would require a re-tune, but it would also increase the H.P. above 250 and further increase torque. I believe the factory induction components should still be sufficient to feed the added volume.

Then again, would a current production Subaru 2.5 liter crankshaft fit the bill. Or would our induction and and long block components fit on a 2.5 liter short block?
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I'm not sure about the turbo kits, but the supercharger kits add 100lbs.
Yeah but that's just the Turbo. Where is the rest of the kit?
My preferred trade-off in the vehicle concept stage would be keep the NA FA24D but lose the back seats and shorten the wheelbase 10 inches.
10 inches off the wheelbase would make it snap around like crazy.

I would like 300lbs off the car and all of that off the front half.
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Yep. And a small turbo like the GTX I posted is more than enough for 99% of builds that will be done on these cars. Leave it internal gate and low/rear mount it and make 500hp for ~30lbs that’s primarily low and behind the axle.
Not arguing with your figures as i've not anything to put on a scale. Why would a Supercharger kit add 60lbs over a turbo if both need an intercooler and similar sized housing/blades.
Makes me feel better about it when I do get the chance to add one.
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Wheelbase: 101.4 inches
Weight: 2835 lbs.

ND (MX-5)
Wheelbase: 90.1" (-11.3 inches)
Weight: 2339 lbs. (-496 lbs.)
I expected there to be more than 50mm of track width btw the cars. Definitely more than 50mm of interior space.
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Double the money or more, for a very different experience. A lighty used GT with track package will follow a brz anywhere and sound good too, but it's a completely different feel. And that costs the same as a BRZ.

An Emira is triple the purchase price and 5x maintenance costs....
Still cool, but outside my budget for quite some time.
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