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2021 Challenger R/T 6m
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My challenger was my first manual car and I was convinced by peers that it was “the only way to go” for that platform prior to this I had a 2009 CTS rwd that had less power than my challenger but was auto, and me and my girlfriend discuss this often due to “less to do” you do find yourself speeding or excessively accelerating and likewise I drove that car much harder than anything I have ever owned, the challenger is “faster” than the cts by every metric but the level of comfortability/confidence I had in that car trumps my HEMI’s power/abilities
When it came time to pick a transmission for the gr86 it was a really tough decision and since we are all adults here I’ll admit it, the ultimate reason I was drawn to this platform was “missing out” on hakone (that was used and marked up)that I had the pleasure to drive and loved it (was manual)
But me and her go round and round with this opinion and it’s truely never ending I have the same/similar discussion on my challenger forum

auto or manual doesn’t matter we all came to this platform/chassis for one reason or another and while I’m new here as a member, I’ve been reading info-on the Brz/gr86 from Here before placing an order

this I was an extremely long rant and apologies in advance for anyone that reads to this point,

this is a an amazing community and I’m glad to be a part of it
Thank you everyone
1 - 1 of 364 Posts