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Magnetite Grey Metallic Build!

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New to the forums but not new to the platform! Been driving BRZs since 2013 and am very eager to start building this one ^_^

Already threw on KW2 way adjustable club sports, SPL LCAs, an old HKS L Spec Exhaust, and 17x9 +37 Gramlights on 245 stickies!

The wheels and exhaust are from my old build so figured they’d be a nice temporary fit until I get some new proper parts in!

As a heads up, fitment on these new BRZs/86s seems to be a pain in the ass. We more or less maxed out the camber in the rear and still have just a TINY bit of rubbing on 245.. 255 rubbed like crazy. I think flush fitment with no rubbing looks like 17x9 +40 or 18x9.5 +50.

Documenting most of my build on my Instagram @Sonii as well! (Exhaust clip is on my latest post in case you guys want to hear how the new 2.4L sounds on an old HKS L spec )
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Beautiful! That color is so good. Maybe I shouldn't be as flexible on color for the GR86. Might regret it
Looks real slick with the drop and wheel setup
How does the steering / handling feel compare to your first gen with the same set up?
Wheels look great.
Any chance of a photo in the sun to get an idea of how dark the Magnetite Grey is? The shade doesn't do it justice imo.
Awesome thanks for sharing! I was hoping wheel fitment would be the same as first gen but obviously not…

How is the fitment at the front? It looks like it is still inside in the fender?

And as for the back, was it rubbing on the fender liner or on the actual metal?

p.s. the colour and wheel combo looks damn good on the BRZ!
It is looking really good! Cant wait to get my gr86 to start doing stuff to it making it even sicker than it is stock :)

PS I've known you for a long while in the wow community, its nice to see you around here :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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