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Keeping endlinks tight?

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Any advice on keeping my end links tight? Recently put on Hks coilovers and their end links and haven’t been able to keep the bottom nut tight, torqued to spec, next I’m thinking blue loctite or double nutting?
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By all means use loctite if you think you need it. Though keep in mind loctite melts plastic so when its used with a locknut/nylock you could be melting the nylon insert that does the "locking".

Locknuts are also technically a 1 time use item. If its already loosening its probably worth tracking down some new locknuts to be safe.

It does sound like _hsb _ is onto something, make sure yours its fully seated before you tighten it. Looks like his has 3-4 exposed threads so if his is fully seated you should be able to compare that against yours.
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