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Keeping endlinks tight?

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Any advice on keeping my end links tight? Recently put on Hks coilovers and their end links and haven’t been able to keep the bottom nut tight, torqued to spec, next I’m thinking blue loctite or double nutting?
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I had this same issue initially. There's not much room to work with when trying to tighten the bottom nut since the LCA gets in the way. I found that removing the top nut fully, and rolling the anti-roll bar forward or backwards helps to give alot more clearance to be able to torque it properly. I ended up using blue loctite too. Once both driver and passenger bottom nuts were torqued, I rolled it back in place and did the tops, which are way easier.

Its been a couple thousand miles and I haven't had any issues with it since. Hope this helps.
Ah i was slinging my car around a turn the other day (pretty close to the limit of the car) and I heard/felt a loud clunk in the front suspension, felt/heard like it came from the front passenger side. It hasn't happened since, but I also haven't drove it that hard since. Maybe I should check to see if my endlinks are tight
are you on aftermarket suspension? When it happened to me, once it loosened on my car, I would hear it very regularly just driving down the road, or going over small speed bumps/potholes.
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Yeah maybe new locknuts next idk, I retorqued top and bottom nuts last night with Loctite and the front right stared making the noise again this morning, this is like the 7th time I've had the wheels of to mess with these:cry:
did you let the loctite cure? Maybe your torque wrench is out of spec and not clicking at the right torque. You could try hitting it with the torque driver instead since it keeps happening for you.
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