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I finally took delivery - JDM GR86 10th AE

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So it came clear to me that I won't be able to get a Neptune Blue GR86, because Toyota has semi-officially decided to discontinue it. However, since none of other standard colors works for me, the Toyota sale person pointed me to an official Toyota dealer to get an orange GR86. Funny things is individual buyers cannot option for this version in Japan almost immediately after it went on sale, and yet the dealers (Toyota official and whatnot) get dibs on new 10th AEs for sale

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Grille

After getting some coating done, it’s time to accessorize the car because it came barebone as it gets.
  • Clutch spring because the clutch is really stiff and the bite point is vague to me
  • Auto wing-mirror module from Subaru
  • Digital Rear View Mirror / Front and Rear Dash cam

I have already put in the order for the parts. But there still the situation of head unit, etc, and backup camera. I don’t really enjoy using the Japanese style head unit system and prefer Carplay instead. Furthermore, I would rather not spending another 400000JPY right after throwing a wad of cash at the car. Therefore, my obvious choice would be ordering an aftermarket universal 2 din stereo. Here comes the questions:

  • I am looking for something that would be slim, thin-bezel and cover the entire stereo faceplate instead of fitting inside the hole. The head unit area would measure to be approximately 270mm wide and 145mm tall. I’m currently eyeing the Joying 11.6 inch unit, which is listed at 270mm width and 165mm height. I want to know what kind of harness I am supposed to get in order to get this installed
  • ETC 2.0 only works with Japanese head unit (brand specific as well), so I will be limited to ETC 1.0, which can work independently of the head unit. The problem is Japanese government is phasing out ETC 1.0, which leads to my question (to Japan GR86 owner only, I guess), “Can I still get ETC 1.0 installed in new car?” Because you have to have your ETC registered to your name by a certified shop
  • Is the backup camera has to be compatible with the head unit or I can just get whatever and it will plug just right in?
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Congrats on the car! Sucks you couldn't grab a Neptune but the Orange looks pretty neat too. @Nannou might be able to help answer that harness question. He's got a Joying 9 inch head unit and made a post about it here.
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