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I’m an idiot. Did I break the eBrake. Lol

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let me preface this with I’m not mechanical at all. I do like to dabble. I’m good at audio and detailing. That’s it. I was going to change my eBrake handle and add a new button. I was pulling the handle off - and this came with it as I was removing the button. See picture. The eBrake works. It it requires some “finaggling” to disengage.

like I said. I’m a potato.

did I break the assembly? Anyone in dfw is more than welcome to punch me in the face.
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Uh oh... that doesn't look good.
Don't beat yourself up too much; these cars are very fragile.
yeah that does not look like its supposed to come off. If you check out import image racing drift button and carbon handbrake installs, that shouldn't have come off
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