When asked if the second-generation GR86 and BRZ sports cars would go electric via hybrid power, Toyota and Subaru executives reportedly said it "is not impossible" in a recent interview with Best Car.

"Let's change our perspective a little. At this test drive event, a group interview with Subaru / Toyota development team was also conducted, and the above questions were asked. Can I install Toyota's straight-four engine? I also asked the question.

I think that if you set it to straight 4 and lay it at a slight angle like BMW, you can create a space to incorporate the turbo unit.

However, since the height of the crankshaft will change, the height of the transmission directly connected to the back will also change, and a major change will be required for platforms that assume a boxer engine.

So is it possible to use the 86 / BRZ that uses Toyota's hybrid system rather than the turbo? In the past, Subaru has a track record of diverting the hybrid system of the same supplier as Honda in the XV.

A comment was returned to the effect that this is not impossible from the standpoint of collaboration with Toyota.

In other words, it is a common problem for all sports models that hurdles such as emission regulations can become obstacles in the future. However, from the standpoint of the model personality of 86 / BRZ, it is still the power that strikes the user's heart, the handling, and the most important theme is to continue.

What is electrification for that? It doesn't come to my mind right away, but it's interesting to think about.

As you can imagine from here, a series hybrid like Nissan's e-POWER has a motor directly connected to the inverter installed on the rear wheel axle.

As for the engine, the boxer engine is mounted on the front and the power generation motor is directly connected. Since the propeller shaft is eliminated, the underfloor is flat and a 2kWh level lithium-ion battery is installed to lower the center of gravity. The harness crawls next to it to the electric motor.

I couldn't think of a place to install the radiator for cooling the inverter and electric motor.

Well this is a dream dream. In other words, when it comes to electrification, it would be appropriate to use a battery EV. I want to ride it with that.

By the way, aside from the electrification of dreams, let's personally dream that a complete model armed with a turbo will be released from around STI."