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How well do you fit with a helmet on?

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I'm about 5'10. I was sitting in my car with a helmet on and I felt like I didn't have much head room at all even with the seat adjustment all the way down. I fit better if I push my seat back a little further but it's not great. I prefer a closer to the wheel position. I couldn't imagine if I was 6 foot plus how I would be able to fit in the car with a helmet.

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6’3”, seat is all the way down and 1 click forward of all the way back. I lean the seat back a little bit further while on track just for additional helmet clearance, though even with the seatback more upright the helmet only lightly brushed against the headliner at most. I did also need the 55mm spacer in order to have proper positioning on the steering wheel.
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What type of helmet are you using? I'm 6'2" and it's pretty tight, can't imagine fitting with a helmet easily. I have a HJC H10.
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