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How do we get the NASA membership? Am I suppose to receive something in the mail?

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Got my 86 just about 3 months ago in August. I relatively quickly received the email about the NASA membership about 2 weeks after purchase:

Your 2023 GR86 comes with a complimentary one‑year membership in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA). It includes one complimentary NASA High Performance Driving Event (HPDE)2 with full, professional driving instruction.

Keep an eye out for membership details via email or regular mail within the next 60 days.
Sounds like I was supposed to get something in the mail, but I have not received anything yet? Can anybody who was able to use their membership for the HPDE opine on this? What is the process?
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I received an email and a packet in the mail about a month after purchase.
As I recall there wasn’t anything of importance in the folder.
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