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It seems like only yesterday that the GT86 was coming, and I was sold on the idea. I instinctively "got it". I knew what it was trying to be, I knew what it wasn't trying to be. Front engine, RWD. Sexy looking. This was the car for me, no question.

And guess what...? I never bought one.

The reasons why are boring, so let's not dive too deep. But it always seemed just when I could ditch my current car and pull the trigger on an 86, 'something' happened. It was quite ridiculous, now that I look back on some of my near opportunities.

In the past year, I've actually been clear to buy one again, but with the "final editions" coming out in some markets, and more information leaking about the GR86, I pondered whether I wanted to buy the last of a good model, or see what the new one has in store.

No prizes for guessing I'm leaning towards the latter. Especially as the Australian market doesn't seem to want to do anything too crazy for the last of the existing line, I'm just going to tuck money away and am VERY excited about what the GR86 could be like.
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