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Hi and thanks!

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So. I like manual shift Toyota and have 3 Rav4's and a 1996 JDM Hillux Surf. (And a 2005 last year produced Quadrasteer Chevy Truck.)
Recently learned of the GR86; hadn't known they and prior year ones were manual transmission and still in production.
So I have a dealer in WA looking to put me near first in line for a pearl white one likely, and gave a good faith and interest deposit of 1K a couple months ago.
So I thank you for your contributions and look forward to updating you when ordering actually opens up here in the USA.
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No, I had an opportunity to drive a 2020 Hakone but it had to much dealer bling added on that made it look like a kids car so I knew I wouldn't buy so I didn't bother to drive it.
My preference is the Toyota but would test drive it and a BRZ and decide then. I've always disliked Subaru except in the early years like 70-80s. Crosstrek has criminal level of understeer IMHO.
I've driven go-kart's like MR2, Miata, so I have a general idea of what it will be like.
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I think just the GR86 because it is inexpensive and just for the joy of driving.
But I am possibly moving to Greece next year so I may want to buy it there instead.
I had found the GR86 was up for pre-order a few days ago on the Toyota Greece Website but then it disappeared so I can't link to it. As I recall the price was way higher and in euros made it higher still. I'd probably find it cheaper to buy here and ship there.
The GR Yaris is available in Greece and if it weren't so expensive there or available here I would consider that one too.
That's the long answer for now.
You have some other thoughts, a vehicle I overlooked
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle
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