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Hello from Ohio. I currently have a 2020 Hakone 86. Hopefully the GR86 will be even better!
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What did you drive before the 86?
Welcome, I LOVE the green on the Hakone edition, thanks for sharing a pic!

I think the Hakone has been popular enough with enthusiasts that hopefully Toyota offers the green again on the new GR86.
Great 86 spec!

What are you hoping Toyota/GR does to the GR86 that they didn't to the GT86? I know for most owners, its going to be power. Ever since the 86 released everyone was begging for 50 more horses... and never got it. Fortunately it seems that might finally happen.

Welcome @nashcarr
Welcome to the forum @nashcarr! How long have you had your 86?
Hi @nashcarr! That green is so beautiful on the Hakone, I'm very jealous haha.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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