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Hello from San Francisco!

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Hey everyone!

I've been lurking through this forum since the June 2nd Texas press release of the GR86! A day before, my previous first car, a red 2007 Toyota Corolla S got totaled in a hit and run. I saw it as a sign to finally buy my first manual car and just put down a deposit for a premium version in Track bRed today. :D

Couldn't afford the FRS back then but glad the twins are still popular and being produced.

Anyway, happy to finally join this group! In the meantime, driving the GT86 in Forza 5 Horizons has been somewhat keeping my mind off the wait, haha.
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Welcome to the forum! Kind of works out that you never got that FRS as this car is better in every way. I'm also enjoying the 86 platform on Forza, I think I have like 3 86s and 2 BRZs lol. Was bummed when I saw they didn't have the second gen in the game, then I realized they're probably saving it for a DLC. I'm sure you'll enjoy the car when you get it!
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