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What's up everybody, hope all of you are doing good. I'm in the Broward county area, currently owning a 2019 86 TRD edition, still stock since my plans for modifications got stopped by the announce of the new gen.

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For about a month now i've been religiously calling every single dealership in the area to keep track of any GR86's available, currently waiting for a Manual, Premium Pavement Grey one. I got a call a couple days ago from one of those dealerships telling me they were getting a Manual on that same color today, went earlier today hopefully to get the car but it was a Normal trim :cry:💔 i've never been so heartbroken lmao, but going from an Special edition to a normal trim just didnt felt right.

By the time i left there was already someone else negotiating the car, if the person who got it sees this, Congrats and i hope you enjoy it, back to being in the waiting list. I'll leave some picks for y'all.

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Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

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