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Fuel Consumption

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to check in and see if anyone has had the situation where the fuel consumption fluctuates.

Not sure if it has to do with the quality of gas or if its something else.
It has happened more frequently in this colder weather.

Here in AZ we get 91 octane and I fill up before going to work, (20 mile drive). Usually I go through one fuel bar to and from work with normal driving. Today I fueled up and went through one bar just to work. WTH? LOL

To me it seems that the fuel usage varies quite a bit.
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I get right what it says on the sticker - 20 city, 27-28 freeway on 91 in Los Angeles, sometimes 18 or 19 city. I prefer shifting at the lowest around 3000-3500. Surprisingly I tend to get 22/24 when hitting the canyons with lots of sustained higher rmp.
Exactly. Your experience shows the reality of the EPA city estimate. Stop/start in city driving kills MPG. Especially when you need to throw in rapid application of heavy throttle to get around traffic, and even more especially when you take the few opportunities you get to safely wind it out.

In every car I’ve owned, I’ve gotten the best MPG on country roads. They give you the freedom to drive smoothly while driving rapidly. It’s a great feeling, perfect for this car, and promotes good MPG. I wish more of my local roads were like that.
The cars seem to not mind higher rpm for gas mileage… its throttle input that kills it lol.

I WAS getting 24ish but the past few tanks have been 25-26, on top of that the computers gotten more accurate as it tells me 25.5. I reset it each tank so its isolated. Wonder if its the gas, warmer weather or just getting more broken in. I haven’t changed my driving habits. If anything i’d have expected it to go down, been hitting back roads more often bc of the nicer weather
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Thanks for the replies!

I have had the car for a little over 5 months now. This is the first time I have seen it drop quite a bit.

I did the same drive last week and I beat on the car on the way to work and I got better gas mileage that day for some reason. Just found it odd.

Thanks again!
Well they same auto engines are most efficient at something like 80 % of full load, rather than granny driving at 20% load. You may have just proven that.
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