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Ferrari engine swap (kinda)

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I am in the early stages of swapping a Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (baby ferrari) engine into a 22 GR86

I already have the engine and trans and engine wiring has been converted.
Engine is a ferrari developed (basically a V6 twin turbo version of the ferrari californa engine)
It will be run using a MoTec M142 (on a backorder)
We are using ZF 8HP trans controlled by a standalone GCU from TurboLamik

If anyone on here has some experience with CAN messaging please ping me.

Firing up this engine in a GR86 is not super hard with a MoTec but it would be great if we could get some of the factory things to work with this ECU


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Definitely following this journey lol
it'll be a while :)
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Tell me more about the ZF8. I love that transmission. Will it fit in the stock tunnel? If so, I might make some plans.
8HP is like a 2JZ of transmissions

Very hard to kill and widely available.
These are used in huge number of cars from Beemers to track Hawks and they can take 1000nm depending on the variant and shift gears at full throttle whille burning rubber

In recent years there was a lot of development done to the standalone units that can control these and one of the best controllers for these is from Turbo Lamik in Poland

these controllers allow you to use these gearboxes like sequential race transmissions and even allow to use a clutch like if this was a manual trans.

Im in the process of becoming a US distributor for Turbo Lamik and from talking to few tuners in europe this thing is legit. I have several of these kits on order and I am excited to play with them.

Just Youtube Turbo Lamik 8HP and prepare to be amazed.
This aint no your grandma auto trans :)

EDIT: Sorry. Forgot to answer your question.
I dont know if massaging is required but there are several BRZs in Europe in drifting with that trans.

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Is your stock engine for sale tho 🤣
yes. will be shortly. Just over 3K miles
I am a software engineer, have a bit of experience with CAN protocol, but really most of my knowledge is outdated from the OBD-II era (I was an avid member of the carputer or car-pc community which predated current infotainment systems) we used to integrate OBD-II data into the systems..

Before settling on ordering the gr86, I was thinking about doing an electric conversion on an rx8 with a completely custom CAN bus setup. Ordered a Arduino based development kit, but never pulled the trigger on the project. Was planning on hooking it up to the gr86 when it arrives to see what the possibilities might be, but did not really have a plan yet.

Not sure if I will be much help but will be watching the thread, interested to see how things progress!
That brings memories
I had a full atx board in a custom case in my subaru back in a day running mp3car software if I remember the name correctly

It was working fine untill my hdd froze up in chicago 25 below climate (pre ssd days)
It was soo cold that bios didnt even reckognize that there was a drive attached :)

I do have a car to play with and I do own a CAN adapter from ECU master that I have from another project.
My understandingis that it can be used for general CAN communications

Im sure you'd be a great help
Where are you located?

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Curious about the 8-speed. The FA24D engine has a wide flat torque curve that's not peaky, and the vehicle isn't a lumbering heavyweight...not the usual conditions where an 8-speed is deployed.
Honestly a potato would be better than that auto trans
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Curious about the 8-speed. The FA24D engine has a wide flat torque curve that's not peaky, and the vehicle isn't a lumbering heavyweight...not the usual conditions where an 8-speed is deployed.
Im not using the FA engine so this doenst apply to me but you have to look at shift times and all the other cool things these can do
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Actually answered my own dumb question, lol. You're not using the FA24D! :LOL:
maybe it would help to stay away from the dip

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Oh he got money money..
What makes u say that? Im not having a shop do this. Biggest expense is the ECU
The ZF8 is insanely quick and accurate. I don't know where you're coming from.
I was talking about the subaru trans

I am using ZF 8HP because it awesome
So lets get back to business.
Did a quick test fit today and seems like it will fit.
Might need a new crossmember but dimensionally it looks promising with decent amount of room on the sides.

Will definitelly need to from the bottom tho

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Looks good so far.

I forgot to ask if the original engine in the project car was blown or if it was good and you're using the sale of it to help finance the swap.
It is good and it will be for sale shortly
Looks great, but that is a SUBSTANTIAL center of mass shift. I imagine the original suspension isn't going to hold up - probably need some custom spring rates.
BC custom coilovers will take care of that
How much of a difference are you looking at for hood clearance?
too early to say
I need the engine to be fully in first before I can tell if it will clear

It needed to go back another 13 inches and down but for that I need to remove the engine crossmember
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