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Do I need an Autel TS508 to swap in/out 2 sets of factory wheels or can I get by with TS501

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Just bought a GR86 10th anniversary. I have 2 sets of factory GR86 wheels with factory TPMS sensors. I have the original set that came with the car, and I bought a full set of Premium GR86 wheels. My understanding is that even when I rotate tires, a tool like the Autel TS501 or TS508 is needed to adjust the positions. I will almost always use a toyota dealer for all my services, but I prefer they don't touch my wheels, so I do my own rotations.

Since these second set of wheels are OEM, they were configured for a GR86 car, just not my car, will either the TS508 or TS501 handle updating the new sensors to my car so the pressures will display on my dash, and can I get by with the TS501 since its less expensive?

Thanks in advance.
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