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Been a while since I've been back here. I've had a weekend with 2 events now so I figured I would report back.

Final setup for the event went like this:
  • Crash bolts and a really good alignment. Got the fronts to -1.8 camber. A touch of toe out front and rear. Pic below
  • 17x7.5 RPF01 with rt660s in 245/40 size. Pic below.
  • 7mm perrin front spacers with extended lugs to fit the tires.
  • Whiteline adjustable front sway bar (many many times of tightening and re-tightening and re-sizing end links to try and get rid of clunks)
First impression: Sticky tires are sticky. On throttle rotation around a slow corner in 2nd gear is only possible if you've already initiated a slide on the way in. The front end is pushier than I would like. Almost considered going back to the stock bar after the event but I'll live with it for a while. Only a few more events left this season so I think I'll take steps to stiffen the rear next. I have a set of bump stops that were recommended by a fellow DS competitor but they're just meant to keep everything on the back end from going to infinite spring rate under compression. It happened to me once I think and the tires went from on to gone like a light switch and I found myself off course.

  • Day 1 I took 2nd in DS by only .3s to a really fast Focus RS.
  • Day 2 I took 3rd to the RS and my co-driver who I expected to beat me :)
  • Still good enough for 13th overall in PAX on day 1 and towards the top of the pack for day 2. Not slow. Can go much faster.

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81 - 86 of 86 Posts