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Considered Miata, but in 2013, it wasn't always the answer, and still isn't.

Miata is way too small to be practical as a DD - not fixable
Miata handling includes ridiculous amounts of body roll to work as intended from Mazda - fixable, but fundamentally changes the car
Miata soft top not welcome at some tracks - not easily fixable
Miata was underpowered in 2013 - fixable, but at a cost much higher than improving the 86 platform's "power issues"
Miata was old, ungainly design in 2013 - not fixable

FR-S/BRZ still look A LOT better than any Miata sold (then and now, subjective I know)
FR-S/BRZ could be easily modded to fix any perceived shortcomings (e.g. tires= grip, header= no more torque dip, tune & e-85 = power) where no amount of mods could fix all the above Miata issues (small size, dated styling, factory soft-top)

The 86 platform netted better cars for my needs and taste. It was an easy choice.
Thanks and great info.

I'd love to try out a Miata without the body roll, but I wonder how it would perform them. You're right that the body roll is basically how it's designed to perform and removing it could actually hurt handling.
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