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Convertible or Hardtop?

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Torque News writes an interesting article below on a BRZ-86 Convertible.
One Thing The Next-Generation Subaru BRZ And Toyota GR86 Needs To Make It Great | Torque News
After reading the article would you like an option to buy an 86 or BRZ convertible or would you stick with the hard top?
Me personally am not a fan of convertibles at all so it would be a no from me but a targa top like the gen 4 supras had wouldn't be a bad option, but for a straight up convertible its a no go for me.
What opinions do you guys have?

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I love a convertible, so it would be a maybe for me. My MR2 was a convertible, and I loved putting the top down.
Plus, I live in San Diego, CA, so the weather is pretty good for top-down driving.
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