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Best rims for 245/35/18?

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Hi all! 馃憢 I'll be in a new GR86 come July and one of the first things I wanted to do was get a set of summer wheels, as well as drop 15mm on SS1s or SS2s. I've also got a set of decent 245/35/18 tires I was hoping to reuse. What're everyone's thoughts or experiences on rim sizes to mount them on? I've seen 18x8.5 +44 mentioned a few times but just want to avoid any rub or need for rolling/cutting in case I missed something. This won't get tracked or autox'ed at all.
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With 245/35r18, I would say 8.5"-9.5" would be the sweet spot. Do you like the fat wheel look? If so, I would go 18x9 or 18x9.5; these widths are going to require a pinpoint accurate offset choice, in order to avoid rubbing when a 245 tire is mounted to them.
Since you are not tracking your car, rim protection may be a factor to consider. Curb rash sucks, so a narrower wheel will be better protected by a 245 tire; an 8.5" wheel would have okay rim protection, but 8" would have great rim protection from a 245 tire. A 245 tire on an 8" wheel will result in steering that is a bit numb/vague, due to the slight lack of sidewall support, so it's all going to depend on driving style/preference.
I really liked them on the 18x8.75 +35's I had on the FR-S, but that offset is a deal-breaker now. Leaning into more of a canyon carver. Sounds like 8.5" in +42-45 with some camber might be the way to go then
Gramlight 57cr 18x8.5+45 ?

Or some enkeis at that size.
I'm running TSW Kemora's 18x 8.5 +38 on coilovers with zero issues
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