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Be a part of AWE's Exhaust Suite Development for GR86/BRZ

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Hi Everyone, very excited to join this community and for the future of this platform!

Posting because we (as in AWE) are looking for an automatic 2022 GR86 or BRZ near our headquarters in Horsham PA.


  • So we can put it on our lift to measure and develop our exhaust suite.
  • We need one ASAP, and we would keep your car for 5-10 business days and provide you a rental.

What's in it for you?
  • You will receive a free AWE Exhaust and installation done by our in-house team, once the R&D is complete.
  • For clarity, your 86 or BRZ would leave with the stock exhaust installed initially, then once the final product is complete, you return to have the exhaust installed. (You get finished product, not a prototype).
If you are interested being a part of the development, shoot me a PM here or feel free to contact me via email [email protected]
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Automatic only? :(
Because the community is awesome we already received a ton of interest from those with manual cars, but we do like testing on both manual and auto to ensure our exhaust sounds great on both.

If anyone knows an auto driver in the northeast, send them our way!
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Are you still looking?
We were able to line up cars for testing, but if anything falls through we will let you know!
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