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Bought my Bugeye new and still have it. Have done quite a few modifications to it but not to the point of losing reliability. Recently sold my 2018 Civic Type R for several thousand over MSRP. Had not made any mechanical modifications to it.

Ordered a BRZ Limited earlier this month. So nice not having to deal with crazy dealer markups that came with the Type R! No VIN assigned yet - estimated delivery date is in July. Not as bad of a wait as it sounds as i would not start driving the car until the snow departs around April even if i had it now.

Already ordered a Subaru short shifter for it and may install an exhaust but nothing that would affect the warranty. The Type R was a great car but definitely not sleek like a BRZ or a GR86. There's a nice road course 15 minutes away so i will definitely be taking it to the track.
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